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Thatchbusters vertimowing service is now owned and operated by Kardens Gardens! If you've used Thatchbusters in the past, you can now enjoy the same quality service from Kardens Gardens.

What Is Vertimowing?

Vertimowing uses a vertical cutting action that removes thatch and aerates the soil. After this initial process, the remaining lawn is mowed a second time to break it down even further, which provides a range of benefits for growing a healthy lawn. Vertimowing is the best proven way of getting rid of all the thatch that builds up, allowing all of the water and fertiliser to nourish your lawn like it is supposed to. Vertimowing works on most types of lawn, and with all soil types. Wherever there is thatch, we can vertimow it!

What Is Thatch?

Made up of living and dead plants, thatch is the hard organic matter that accumulates on lawns. Usually caused by over-watering, over-fertilising or just a lack of mowing, thatch collects at the base of the grass, preventing up to 75% of water from reaching the root system. In an environment such as Perth's, where water is a scarce and precious resource, this loss can be both costly and bad for all of us. Not only that, but without an adequate water supply your lawn will quickly dry out and die.

When Is The Best Time For Vertimowing?

The best time for vertimowing is from the end of August to April. If thatch is hurting your lawn and wasting water it needs to go, no matter what time of year. As we head into Perth's warmer months of spring and summer, the need for vertimowing becomes even more urgent. Water levels are naturally at their lowest, rain is less likely, and the extra heat dries out your garden faster. Removing all that thatch gives your lawn the best chance it has of growing lush and green.

Should I Try Vertimowing, Or Hire A Pro?

Practically everyone we talk to would rather have a professional do their vertimowing, which is completely understandable. Vertimowing is a labour-intensive process, but like all chores in the garden we love it! We have the right specialist machinery to get the job done properly – removing all of the unwanted thatch, while protecting both the root system of your lawn and your reticulation system.

While we are all for avid green thumbs getting stuck in and being DIY in the garden, vertimowing is one of those things where it's ok to hire a pro. Doing the job incorrectly will waste your time and money, and frankly can be a pain. We've got the machinery and the skills to save you all the hassle. You will see the results of vertimowing very quickly. With the exception of buffalo lawns, within approximately four weeks of us removing all the thatch your lawn will be completely revitalised – looking and feeling better than ever. Buffalo lawns take a little longer to recover from a vertimow.

Vertimowing Post-Care

If we've come and vertimowed your lawn, removed all the thatch and gotten everything into tip-top shape, what next? Well, there are ways of reducing the growth of thatch over time, which means your lawn will be healthy and strong for longer. It's well worth vertimowing your lawn every year before the warmer months, but as far as year-round care we recommend:

·Using less fertiliser and less-often. Slow-release fertiliser is best.

·Watering your lawn less, and using a wetting agent.

·Assessing your lawn reticulation to ensure the spread is even and not excessive.

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